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Alright, my darlings.  I hope you’ve had a restful week (whether or not it included festivities!).  Here’s another round of Fic Finder for y’all, and wow, I could only come up with a maybe for one of them.  I need y’all’s input, so have at it!



Hi, I was hoping you could help me find a fic! The basic premise was that Wei Wuxian used to have a dog when he was younger. It was his parents’, I think, and it accompanied him after their deaths. It took care of him and he loved it, and something very traumatic happened to start Wei Wuxian’s fear of dogs (I think his own dog attacked him? But it might have been something else…). The story started with Wei Wuxian telling Jin Ling that he used to have a dog, and Jin Ling not believing him. I think it ends with Wei Wuxian going to Lan Sizhui and begging him to believe him while crying. That’s all I can remember!

FOUND!  by Nonny:  

小狗 | puppy by livsn (not rated, 5k, wangxian).



Hello! Thank you so much for all the fic recommendations! I was wondering if you can help me find this fic: all I remember is that WWX is a person from the modern world who transmigrates to a novel(?) where his alternate self was supposed to be killed on his wedding night. Novel!MXY is the main protagonist of the novel and is meant to make his first appearance as Novel!WWX’s friend who’s trying to find his killer! Rlly hoping you can help! Thank you!!!

FOUND! by @chenqinglingkilledme who says, crack in the mirror by the_pretzel (T, 56k, wangxian)



I’m looking for (1) a fic were wei ying is like an exchange student in china and lives with lan zhan and his family. and (2) another fic were wei ying is like mute because something traumatic happened to him and i remember a-yaun having to like help him get ready in the morning do you know these fics???

FOUND!  3.2 @twigsandgrace thinks the mute!wei wuxian one is your self lingers by yakisoba13 (M, 14k, wangxian WIP).

FOUND!  3.1

The Fifth Type of Non-Contact Force by Caixx (T, 54k, wangxian, WIP)



hi, i would appreciate it if u or any of your readers could help me find this wangxian fic set in a western country (maybe america or england?) where wwx is a ballet dancer and lwj is a violinist. the plot is that wwx is in a relationship with mianmian but meets lwj and they get closer. one day, wwx, lwj and all their friends are at a bar and lwj almost hooked up with a random stranger to forget wwx but wwx stopped him.

a few days later, lwj confesses but wwx says he doesnt want to be in a serious relationship or smtg like that. lwj then goes back to china. wwx breaks up with mian mian and goes through heartbreak. somehow, they find each other again and got together. im pretty sure i confused some details of the fic though haha. thanks in advance!!

FOUND! by @uhuhlala who says,  #4 is called “all of you a verb in perfect view” (they live in NYC btw) but I couldn’t find it anymore, I think it was taken down



Mojoflower, thank you so much for all your wonderful fic and lovely recs!! [Thank you!!!]  I was wondering if you or a reader might be kind enough to help me find a fic I’ve lost my bookmark to; it’s a over 100K Wangxian A/O/B fic, which I believe the author removed from AO3, to their own external website. It’s quite epic and tragic, and I remember it reminding me of Phnet’s

Love Is More Than Telling Me You Want It

. Any help is enormously appreciated!!!

FOUND! by @manaika-chan who says it might be and the calm is deep where the quiet waters flow by izanyas.  

 (The link goes to… I think it’s WordPress.)


6.  this is a bit of a long shot but imma try anyway because i see you have found other people’s fic searches 🙂 i once read a fic where wwx and lwj got engaged/married(?) and madam yu was surprisingly happy about it. literally all i remember about this fic was that there was one scene where wwx was like, “wow! who knew making an advantageous match was all it took to get madam yu’s approval?” does this seem at all familiar?  – @balleyboley

FOUND! by @fredmouseoz who thinks it might be 

And Time Is But a Paper Moon by sami (M, 139k, wangxian).


7.  Hi! I’m looking for a fic were Lan Zhan and Wei Wuxian get married (it’s a arrangement marriage I believe). I remember that wei wuxian go back to pier lotus cause he believe his feelings are not reciprocated and Lan Zhan tried to give back the wedding dowry but Jiang Cheng it’s like “I not gonna accept the divorce before you to talk”. Thanks, love your tumblr!  – @princess-anna-croft

FOUND!  I believe this is a stone to break your soul, a song to save it by rikke.


8.  Heey, first of all i found your blog a few months back when i started reading wangxian fics and i just wanna say that you’re amazing!! [Thank you!!!] Thank you so much for everything 💕I wanna find this fic that I read some time ago but cant find anywhere,It’s post canon and at the time it was still ongoing.I remember that Wei Ying’s workshop in the CR has been burned down and everyone’s trying to find out who did that.  Also at some point wwx goes in there to investigate with Sizhui and finds a strange smelling letter which he opens later on and finds out it’s been coated in some sort of aphrodisiac.  It’s a love letter and wwx asks for hgj to come home to show him the letter.  That’s where the last chapter ended then.

FOUND  by @elijahdnorth@elmrain, and @artemisisdiana (This is clearly a popular fic, as any sex-pollen-tropish fic should be!  Turns out I was subscribed to this one all along.)  It is 

How Odd by bedheadrat (M, 28k, wangxian, WIP).



Hi please help me find a fic!!! My description is probably unhelpful tho: the only thing I can remember is one very specific scene somewhere in the middle of the fic where the lan bros are taking a walk and lwj tells Lxc he wants to bring someone back to Gusu, but that person doesn’t want to come. Lxc hesitates and then asks if lwj had forced himself upon them or something along those lines and lwj says something like “no they just don’t want to come to gusu”. That is literally all I can remember ;-; It definitely wasn’t a one-shot tho!! Some time travel MAY have been involved?? And im pretty sure that it was a fic that was on the longer end… yeah my description sucks but I hope that you (or someone else lol) can help!!!

FOUND! by @twigsandgrace Claiming Life from Death by MarbleGlove (E, 25k, wangxian, my post here) who went by @elijahdnorth‘s comment, “Oooh, I know I know 9. It’s the story where Wen Ning takes A-Yuan to Gusu to get healed when he gets sick from the Burial Mounds, and LWJ claims his as his own and Lan Qiren immediately assumes LWJ raped someone in wartime and says he should have had him castrated when LWJ says that A-Yuan’s mother wasn’t willing to come to Gusu. And when WW finds out A-Yuan survived courtesy of LWJ he writes a song called My Son is with His Father and everyone assumes LWJ’s wife/lover was so powerful she sent it from beyond the grave, but I. can’t. remember. the. name. urgh”


10.  Hey, could you please help me find a wangxian fanfic I read earlier this year?  It’s a modern au where wangxian meet during a school trip to China, but they live in different states. Wangxian ends up texting each other a lot and they even mail each other birthday presents and WY gives LZ a choker and a necklace. LZ visits WY in New York with his brother for JYL wedding and wangxian start dating at the end of the visit. WY and LZ plan to go to different universities after their break after high school ends, but they plan to visit each other frequently. LXC and NMJ also have something going on and LQR doesn’t know that either of his nephews are gay or dating.

I think it was completed and had an epilogue or extras or both.  I’m having a hard time finding it, so I hope you can help.  Thank you!  – @lady-samhain

FOUND!  @cthulu-sun thinks it’s you’ve ruined my life (by not being mine) by cicer (E, 133k, wangxian)

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